Sunday, November 10, 2013

3 months already!!

Miss Emily turned 3 months old yesterday!

She's such a lovely little lady. With quite an unladylike propensity to toot and belch, but that's to be expected, I guess. 

She doesn't smile as often as her brother but when she smiles you know she means it. We pulled out the bouncer a few weeks ago because she loves to stand and kick. She loves it! If she's a little irritable we can drop her in the bouncer and she'll bliss out for a while. 

I'm almost sad that she's growing up so fast. Some day soon she won't nap on our chests while massaging our arms anymore, and there aren't any more babies coming. 

She's such a mellow little lady. The only time she cries is just before she falls asleep - and then she gets a bit hysterical, turning a deep red and crying so much she forgets to breathe. Then within 2 or 3 minutes she's out. 

Happy 1/4-birthday, sweet Emmy!


My new favorite thing: When a car passes by our house, E does his little reverse wave (holds his hand beside his cheek, palm facing back, and flaps his little fingers) and sighs in this soft, itty bitty voice, 'Hiiii.' Adorable. Hopefully video footage to follow.

His vocabulary right now includes Hi, Yeah, Uh-oh, On/Off (which unfortunately both come out as 'Ah'), Ooh, and Wow. So fun to watch him point at passing airplanes and say Wow. Or draw on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and say Wow at his own creation. Or throw his food on the ground and say Uh-oh. 

It feels like any day now he's going to really start talking and just not stop. Knowing his pedigree, it's likely that he won't stop for at least 45 years...