Monday, April 22, 2013


It had to be done. Bluebonnet season in Texas, beautiful baby boy...

However, beautiful baby boy, who's never grumpy, had a 30-minute grump session in the flowers. He's still pretty cute when he's pouting.

just before we got arrested for illegally picking a protected species

Friday, April 19, 2013

Utah ski trip

Last month E got to see snow for the first time when we headed to Utah for a little skiing, shopping, and relaxing with friends. We spent a day in Deer Valley, in the lap of luxury at the St Regis (hooray for Starwood points!!), and then headed down the mountain to enjoy 4 more days in Park City. We met up with our friends Shazia & Ehfad and their lovely children Zara and Zain, and they invited another couple, Mashal and Sonny and their cute kids Aliya and Rohan.

I have virtually no pics of the kids playing together, as they rarely sat still, but take my word that they were adorable. Aliya was in love with E and showered him with hugs, kisses, and toys whenever she wasn't out tackling the slopes. The three older kids took ski lessons and Ethan and Rohan stayed back at the house with me and Rohan's nanny. I was so happy that Joe was able to hit the slopes with our friends, since I'm not really ski/snowboard material (and this didn't seem like the season to start, given the gestating person hanging around with me).

There was a really nice snowfall one evening, and we woke to a thick layer of snow for skiing and playing. E and I headed out in our new snow gear and played in a field nearby. He was mostly fascinated by my pink hat, but he allowed me to make snow angels with his squishy little body.

At Deer Valley, we enjoyed the apres-ski at the resort, where they sabre a bottle of champagne every night, as well as their daily hot cocoa service. E and his dad also got a kick out of the TV in the bathroom mirror - Mr Leaven wants one for our master bath!

We had a late afternoon flight on our last day, so we headed to Salt Lake City and visited the Mormon tabernacle then had a nice brunch. We're already looking forward to another cold-climate vacation next year!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The bunny session

Thanks to my amazing sis-in-law, we got an opportunity to sign up for a mini photo session with live bunnies with SarahLynds Photography. Our nephew Jack has had a photo session every year since he was a baby (he is almost 4 now, which is not a baby, thankyouverymuch).

In addition to getting incredible photos of E with bunnies, we were also able to take a few with his cousin - Jack was nearing the end of his session and was mostly over the whole photos-with-bunnies thing, but was patient with us for a few minutes and they were able to grab some darling shots.

Of course, these photos are for our personal use only and should not be used without permission from SarahLynds.

Are you ready? Because these are just too adorable for words.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ethan's personal photographer

Crystal, our wonderful nanny, is an undercover professional photographer. The girl can do wonders with an iPhone (and the right model, of course!).

She brightens my work schedule daily by messaging a photo of my little guy. Here is a collection of some of my favorites thus far.