Thursday, April 18, 2013

The bunny session

Thanks to my amazing sis-in-law, we got an opportunity to sign up for a mini photo session with live bunnies with SarahLynds Photography. Our nephew Jack has had a photo session every year since he was a baby (he is almost 4 now, which is not a baby, thankyouverymuch).

In addition to getting incredible photos of E with bunnies, we were also able to take a few with his cousin - Jack was nearing the end of his session and was mostly over the whole photos-with-bunnies thing, but was patient with us for a few minutes and they were able to grab some darling shots.

Of course, these photos are for our personal use only and should not be used without permission from SarahLynds.

Are you ready? Because these are just too adorable for words.

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