Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kids say the darndest things

So many little moments I need to remember. 

11/1/15: E offered to drive to the store to pick up some meatballs. 'Only, I don't know how to drive.'  I love this kid!

11/7/15: Sherri is taking care of the kids for the weekend. She talks to Em about giving up the binky because she is a big girl (she still uses it when she sleeps). Em says, 'no, I'm still a baby because I use diapers'. Fair enough. 

11/11/15: E must have had a nightmare about hot lava. He's near tears with me in the morning. I reassure him that there's no lava coming. After school he breaks down with Sherri. Text from Sherri: 

'Oh man. He climbed in my lap and tears running down his face. I told him u nor daddy would ever let lava get him. I also said Jesus would protect him if he was ever scared..he said..I know he will my class told us he will. Stacy that is some deep stuff!' 'I want the bad things in my head to not be bad. I don't like bad things.'

She told him he could pray to Jesus and Jesus would take the lava away. So they did. And then this text:

'E is so precious! We were reading books and he looks up and says so sweetly...Sherri I'm so glad I prayed to Jesus with you...because I feel so happy inside now! I told him..Jesus always hears the prayers of a child first! He's so happy now!'

I'm very grateful to have a nanny who knows the solution to these things. And such a tender-hearted child.