Saturday, December 21, 2013

4 months (plus a little)

Emily Hope turned 4 months old a few days (ok, weeks) ago. We did take 4-month photos but mama didn't get around to posting till now. 

This kid is a spitfire. She's got a delightful, easygoing personality - until things don't go her way. Then she rages (much like her mama, actually)! Most of the time, lucky for us, things do go her way. She's still sleeping through the night, though this week has been a bit rough due to teething. She has one itty bitty tooth coming through and she's drooling like mad. She gnaws on our shoulders, fingers, anything we're holding. 

She rolled from front to back for the first time on 12/7, just before her 4-month birthday, but she refuses to repeat the feat. She is really not a fan of tummy time. She does seem to want to crawl - she pushes herself up on her knees but can't get forward propulsion without parental assistance. When she's on her back, she loves rolling to her side - it won't be long before she rolls over. 

It's just delightful to see her taking the world in. She studies our faces, her brother when he's playing, the TV, the fan. While she definitely smiles and laughs, it's only when she's considered the situation and deemed it sufficiently amusing. No smiles for the ceiling fan, like E used to give willy-nilly. If you have received a smile from Em, you can feel proud that you've earned it. 

We haven't tried 'real food' yet since she doesn't seem particularly interested. I'm looking forward to continuing the tradition of baby-led weaning (modified) with Em starting around 6 months. 

Look who's 4 months!!!

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