Sunday, November 9, 2014

15 months

Emily turned 15 months old today, and we are waaaayyy overdue for an update. 

She is such an alert, observant, and interactive little girl. When I ask Ethan to take out his binky, she hands hers to me. If anyone says the word, 'change', she starts to pull off her shirt. If we put on her shoes she heads for the door. She is starting to show an interest in puzzles, though it's mostly taking apart Ethan's completed ones. She likes to bring a book to me and will turn the pages but doesn't exactly care about hearing the words. 

She shares food with Ethan, mom and dad, and especially the dogs. She loves the dogs and is so sweet and gentle with them. 

She's saying many more words than E was at her age, including hi, thank you, roar, mama, and hop. If E is doing something, like hopping, Em is trying to do the same. 

She started walking just before her 13-month birthday and has been on a tear ever since. She loves to climb the stairs. Unlike E, she insists on descending facing forward, scooting down from step to step, and she's quite good at it. She loves to climb any steps and even ladders. She has figured out how to climb into the Learning Tower, which allows her to stand at counter height in the kitchen. 

Em loves to dance, whether to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or mama reading Barnyard Dance before bedtime. So cute!

She also is beginning to show her girliness. This morning she took 2 rings from a stacking toy and put one on each wrist, then strutted around the house. Like her brother, she loves shoes, and brings her sparkly blue shoes to me to wear most mornings. 

She's a good eater. I learned yesterday that she adores black olives. Huh. She'll also eat raw onions, raw brussel sprouts, salmon, ahi poke... 

She brings us such joy. The kids have started to play together intermittently, which is delightful, though it's brought the expected conflict from time to time. 

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