Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My sweet boy

Yesterday we went to Sam Moon and E and Em both picked out new backpacks. Actually, Em chose a backpack for E, which he insisted was the one he wanted. It's a frog backpack. His broken backpack was a frog backpack. This one's bigger, at least. And Em then picked out about 20 backpacks for her. After much cajoling, she decided on a black Avengers hologram backpack - she say it's a boy backpack but it's the one she wants. Fine with me, since it was on clearance...

E was sure to confirm with me that he was paying for the backpack with the money he had saved ($2.53, but who's counting?) and checked all the tags for the prices. We may have gone a leeeetle over budget but he doesn't need to know that.

And today, I got this text from Sherri:

'E was so sweet... we were reading and he says... I think I'm gonna go to bed now... maybe when I wake up I can hide from mommy... I said why do you hide from her... he says cause I like to be found by her!'

Sweet boy.