Friday, August 17, 2012

E for extraordinary

Happy one-month birthday, Extraordinary Ethan!

Extraordinarily developed. You lift and turn your head like a pro, and when you're on your tummy you're already surprisingly mobile. You have already figured out how to hold the pacifier or the bottle in place with your tiny hands. And while you may not be reading just yet, you do look at those felt letters hanging over your changing table - all you need is some time to get those eyes focused. Oh, brilliant baby mine.

Extraordinarily dramatic. They say parents should watch for signs of baby becoming hungry, as crying is a late sign of hunger. But you sleep peacefully for 2 or 2 1/2 hours (when you sleep at all) and then wake in a panic, crying desperately to all who will listen that you are being starved. Your little face gets so red and your cry is so pathetic that sometimes (not at 3am) it's hard not to laugh as I attempt to calm you.

Extraordinarily loved. Yes, of course by your papa and your mama and your human family, but also by your canine housemates. Choxie wants so desperately to be your friend/nurse/mother. You are starting to notice her when she sits beside you and you aren't bothered at all when she manages to lick you on the head or the foot. She loves helping participate in tummy time on your soft rug. And Chico is never far from you, often sitting just outside the nursery on guard.

Extraordinarily exhausting. Ok, I hear all babies are exhausting, so I don't think there's anything unusual about you in this regard, but oh my goodness are babies ever exhausting. This week, you're finally sleeping through the night (besides waking to eat). Thank you, love.

Extraordinarily teensy. For someone I thought was going to be large for dates, you are a scrawny fella. In fact, even using the premature charts you're pretty darn tiny. At your 1-month pediatrician visit, you had gained exactly 1 ounce from your newborn weight. The Leaven family will be working very hard in the next few weeks to fatten you up, little bit.

Extraordinarily adorable. Yes, every new mom thinks her baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, but only one is right.

Your eyes are still blue and we'd love if you'd keep them that way. Your hair (so exciting that you have hair at all, since your parents were both bald at birth) is looking pretty brown, although mama is still holding out hope for a bit of auburn in there. While your height and weight are in the <3rd percentile, your head is in the 75th percentile for your age. That, of course, means there is a whole lot of brain in there, mister smartyknickers.

We love you, kiddo!

:) your parents

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