Monday, December 10, 2012

Visiting Santa

Ethan got to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas this weekend. I didn't get to hear his requests, but I'm guessing it involves formula, hugs, and thumbs.

We went to the annual St Luke's The Woodlands NICU reunion - E fortunately didn't have to visit the NICU, but I get to work with a lot of families whose beautiful babies spend some time there, and it was so great to see them growing up into beautiful toddlers!

And of course Santa was there to greet the little ones. E was in a bit of a food coma when he took his turn, so no smiles, but we didn't get tears either.

It's also fun for us that Santa looks a lot like one of our friends, Dr Charles Hankins, a neonatologist from The Woodlands and the chief medical officer at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus.

The party was co-sponsored by St Luke's and Texas Children's Hospital, and it was a really cool event. There were crafts and snacks and tons of inflatable decorations and a cute gift bag for each little guest. Plus, there were a bazillion door prizes donated by local businesses - gift cards, photography packages, huge stuffed animals - I think that every NICU graduate who attended went home with a door prize.

We all had a lovely time at this fun event! Thank you, St Luke's and TCH!!!

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