Sunday, February 24, 2013

Road trip!

Catching up on more than a month of Ethan's life in pictures...

Last month, after the holiday rush, we finally had a chance to visit our dear friends Courtney and Peter, Camden, and their newest addition Graham, in Austin. It was such a wonderful weekend - awesome city, delicious food, lots of outdoor time, and lots of relaxation with lovely people.

hiking is exhausting!!
Camden is just the most adorable thing ever. Such a girly girl, in pink and sparkles and the occasional tiara, and so grown-up but still such a little huggable creature. Graham is just a little younger than E and so little and squishy. I had a blast carrying him around (yes, this may in part be because he's so much lighter than my heavyweight) and playing with him and Cam. I think Ethan may have a little crush on Ms Camden, which is just fine by me.

We miss our friends so much and can't wait till the next time we all get to see each other again!!

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