Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our big 7-month-old

Our little man is 7 months old (and one week - oops) and what a little man he is!

It's funny how rapidly they change, from squishy little critters to almost-crawlers with so much curiosity in those eyes. E is so curious these days - it's so fun to watch him intently study everything we pass, from the dogs to the light fixtures to some spot on the wall that I can't quite see. It can be a bit disconcerting when we're alone in the house and he focuses over my shoulder and smiles or laughs.

He started laughing a few months ago and hasn't stopped since. He has smiles for every stranger and often some belly laughs too. He will look at our golden retriever and guffaw. Some of his biggest laughs come when he is bouncing in his bouncer, when we lift him over our heads, and when we cover him with a sheet like the parachute at Gymboree.

He also started drooling a few months ago and hasn't stopped since, literally. We have been assuming for more than 2 months now that he's teething, but still not a tooth to be found. We keep a bib on him almost at all times, and it's always soaked when we check it.

He's enjoying eating with the family more and more these days. Some of his recent conquests have included peach cobbler, sliced roast beef, edamame with soy sauce, mashed potatoes, beurre blanc, and soft-serve ice cream. He's finally started picking up food we place in front of him and depositing it in his mouth. Meal times are definitely very messy adventures!

Although he hasn't quite started crawling yet, he's so, so, so close. He rolls from back to front, gets up on all fours, stretches forward, then cries petulantly. The funniest (and also saddest) is when he tries for a while then drops to the ground, head down, and seems to just give up. Poor baby! We know he'll figure it out soon.

This kid has the strongest legs I've ever seen on a baby. He stands as often as we help him, and he tries to take steps with our assistance. I can place him next to a table or his bouncer, and he'll lean on it all by himself. He hasn't started pulling himself up yet, but we're guessing that will be soon - who knows, he may skip crawling and go straight to cruising or walking.

Oh, and he's doing some babbling but mostly a lot of very loud noises. He loves to scream. Yay. He seems to have stopped with the delightful spit bubble sounds and moved on to throat-clearing sounds that make his mom run to check on him to make sure he's not choking - nope, just making gag noises while smiling happily.

Anything else??? Well, yes, I will acknowledge that he is quite possibly the most beautiful baby you ever did see. No, really. I don't know how we got so lucky.

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