Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half birthday!


Ethan is 6 months old today!

This dear boy has been such a delight in these 6 months - his papa and I are so very blessed.

Tonight, just like most nights, as he jumped in his bouncer he laughed and laughed and laughed. If I laughed he laughed harder. If his papa laughed he laughed harder. Oh, so much joy!

Last weekend on a visit with friends in Austin Ethan figured out how to roll from back to front. We think he was showing off for his pretty 2-year-old friend Camden.

Ethan is such a good sleeper. Once he's down, he's down. We find him in the exact same position in the morning as the evening before. Until this week, at least. This week, we've put him in the crib not quite asleep, and he developed a penchant for pivoting. Now, when we check on him, he has spun 180 degrees, and 5 minutes later he's back where he started. He also loves to thump his feet down on the crib mattress and really on any surface, bam, bam, bam! I'm always surprised he doesn't have bruises on his little heels!

He has really found his voice lately. He sings, he yells, he babbles, he shrieks! His favorite tonight was shrieking. Happy, smiley shrieking, of course, since he's happy all the time.

This kid has such strong legs. He wants to stand all the time - when he's lying down and you help him up he pulls up to a stand immediately.

When E does roll onto his tummy, he so wants to move. He can scootch backwards a bit and he can definitely spin. We think he'll be mobile in no time - we already have the baby gate at the ready!

Oh, and he puts everything in his mouth. Including his 6-month tie. We're taking advantage of this to gradually introduce foods. He's been pretty happy about anything we give him - avocado, carrot, broccoli, apple, and especially pear. I don't think he's swallowing a thing, but he's enjoying the flavors and textures. We try to sit at the dinner table every night, with E in the high chair, all of us dining together. E gets some toys (measuring cup, baby spoons, teething ring) and soft foods (like steamed baby carrots) in french fry-sized pieces. Sometimes he picks up the food himself, usually we hold it in front of him and let him gnaw. He's very entertaining.

We have had such a wonderful 6 months! Life is so different and so hectic and so terrific. I've been lousy about blogging (completely skipped his first Christmas!) but make no promises to get better. Who knows - maybe the next post will be at 7 months...

Happy half-birthday, little guy. You're the best.

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  1. You never mentioned the obvious - how incredibly good-looking he is! Gorgeous, happy, sweet boy! Please come back to see us!