Thursday, August 8, 2013

The big Hawaii trip

Oh yeah, and we went to Hawaii in June. Again, thanks to my amazing mom and her amazing timeshare in Maui, on Ka'anapali Beach, our family and my brother's family got to spend an amazing week in paradise.

Jessica, as always, took much better photos than I did, so I will direct you to her post for a great recap.

We were understandably nervous about the flight, with a 10-month-old who is always on the move but wasn't yet walking - I was not looking forward to his crawling around the airport and especially on the plane. And while the flights weren't awful, they were definitely not our favorite part of the trip. Plus, the airline somehow forgot to put our gate-checked stroller on the plane, so we had to borrow a stroller from the desk at the Maui airport to use for the first 2 days of our vacation.

We did make it, however, and the week in Maui was really wonderful. We took lots of walks, played at the pool (Jack is enamored of the pirate ship pool and showed E the ropes, so to speak), had a date night with Kev & Jess at the great Mama's Fish House, and generally just relaxed. This was the last family trip before the new baby arrives - and the last family trip for at least 2 years, Joe and I have decided!

Jess arranged a family photo session with a photographer at the resort and we got some great pics - one of these days I'm going to get some of these printed and displayed here at the house!

hard to see here, but whatever E dropped on the floor was retrieved by the little birds who were constant companions on the balcony - it appears they have toddler radar!

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