Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer at the zoo

Yeah, Em mostly ignored the animals.
We took Emily on her first trip to the Houston Zoo last week. Because summer is still in full effect here, we planned a morning excursion and even so only lasted ~2 hours before the heat and humidity sent us running for an air-conditioned restaurant!

The ones with the protruding ears are sea lions, not seals, dad.
Gran and Uncle Gokul joined us for the adventure, ate lunch with us, then drove to the airport to fly to Australia.

Ethan wasn't walking yet the last time we went - it's so much more fun now! Everyone went on the carousel, and E rode all by himself (with dad hovering beside him, of course!).

There are chickens just strolling around. Is that odd?
E enjoyed the children's zoo area, although he's still a little young for most of the activities. He studied the goats in the petting zoo and almost touched them several times. He also showed us the safest way to descend a 3-foot slide (turn around and slowly, oh so slowly crawl backwards), a method he also uses for stairs, sofas, curbs, thresholds, and gentle inclines.

Safety first!
Hopefully Gran will send me the pictures she took so I can add them...

I made my mom stand in front of the Australian kookaburra. She went to Australia for 5 days, including the 2 days of travel. Is that odd?
Mom took a special photo for my brother, who's a pointing enthusiast. Fortunately for her, I did not make her take a special photo for my sis-in-law, who is a jumping enthusiast.

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