Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our first visit to New England

A couple of weeks ago Ethan took his first trip to New England. It was my first trip to New England too.

We flew in to Boston, spent the afternoon touring the neighborhoods where Joe had grown up, then visited a dear friend & her son in Peabody, Mass. Then we headed up to Nashua, New Hampshire, where Grandpa Perkinson lives. We were busy, busy, busy the rest of the week, checking out local farm stands, maple shacks, a train station, a waterfall, and finally wandering through a little hamlet called Boston.

We were so very delighted to spend quality time with Joe's dad, his wife Maria, and his stepdaughter Julia. They welcomed us to their lovely home in Nashua and we were treated to Maria's Italian cooking. They even kept Ethan in their room one night and I SLEPT 8 STRAIGHT HOURS for the first time in more than 3 months!!

I am amazed at how much we packed into a 4-day trip, with a 2 1/2-month-old, no less. There were so many lovely moments. Ethan was a champ throughout. He was an angel on the plane trips, which were uneventful except for his uncanny ability to wait till just after takeoff for a big ol' dirty diaper (followed by a second dirty diaper right after we sat back down!). He put up with long drives in the rental car, several hikes in the Baby Bjorn, another long drive in a rental van, about 100 trips on the T, Park Street Station at rush hour, and a public bathroom at Quincy Market. Oh, and two Baby Bjorn transfers in the middle of pedestrian traffic, because everyone wants a turn at carrying this adorable guy.

So, this is Boston, daddy?

First meal in Boston - Bertucci's!

We got to catch up with the lovely Marcia at her home in Peabody

Colton, AKA Ironman, defeats the evil Joe, AKA Joe

Colton was so good with E!

E loves these two (I do too!)!!

It doesn't get much cuter than this.

Gilson Pond in Monadnock State Park


Date Night! Joe took me candlepin bowling!

It's hard to tell because it's dark, but this is a photo of Joe getting his rear kicked in candlepin bowling.

Talk about random - we were looking for a breakfast spot on the way up to Conway, and I found this maple shack slash pancake house slash petting zoo in the middle of nowhere. 

Ethan meets a goat.

Ethan nearly gets eaten by a goat.

Ethan nearly gets eaten by a sheep.

Grandpa and Ethan share a moment before breakfast arrives.

Family-style eggs and pancakes (with home-sugared maple syrup, of course) prepared by that gentleman in that little kitchen

That was delicious, eh, Grandpa?

Oh no! Joe is being attacked by a stuffed bear!

It's chillier here in the northeast!

Ready for the big hike.

On our way to the waterfall

Sabbaday Falls

Conway Scenic Model Railroad

Mount Cranmore Skimobile - this is a car from the special ski lift they used to have there

Meeting Maria's parents

Nonna hanging with E while Joe enjoys her Italian cooking (minestrone)

Julia and Grandpa Joe with E

Ready for the drive to Boston! He especially loves the puppy strap covers, courtesy of Dee Dee!

Grandpa Joe's turn!

Handsome men

Enjoying cannoli in Harvard Yard

E's first meal at Harvard

Beautiful afternoon visiting Harvard, then a quick stop at Grandpa's alma mater, MIT, before heading to Legal Seafood for chowdah

John Harvard, sporting some festive accessories, in Harvard Yard

About to be seated at Legal Seafood

Maria's daughter Linda with E at Legal Seafood

All smiles at the airport lounge, reminiscing about the awesome trip

Yes, grandpa is simply the best.

Bye, bye, Boston!

Sacked out after a fun-filled trip.

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