Sunday, October 14, 2012

Social butterfly

Busy Saturday for Mr E!

He met a new friend, Luke, and had a second 'playdate' with his first friend, Benjie, this weekend. Then he welcomed our cousins Katie and Mickey, who are visiting from Kentucky. It's been at least 20 years since we saw Katie last. She's my mom's second cousin, which means she's Ethan's second cousin twice removed.

In the morning, we headed out to meet Beth and Scott and their kids. Beth, my lovely friend from college, had her third baby, Luke, 2 months after Ethan (2 months and 1 day, to be exact). We finally got to meet Luke yesterday at a local festival. The older kids (Grace, Joel, and of course Scott and Joe) checked out the crafts tables and Beth and I escaped to a cozy indoor spot out of the heat. E and Luke both slept through much of the introductions but did wake up for a few good pics before we took off for our next date.

Beth looks amazing less than a month after delivering a 9 1/2-pound baby!
Yes, this is mid-October in Houston. Low 90s and humid. At 11am.


Joe's at the craft table
He's a born crafter.
A flower for my lady.
Two cuties

We ran up to our favorite BBQ place, Corkscrew BBQ, in The Woodlands, to pick up food for our lunch date with Benjie and his mom and sisters. Benjamin is 1 month younger than E (technically, 1 month and 1 day). Keeping with our theme, Benjie slept through the play date, but E managed to stay awake and play with Corynn and Adelynn. And, in a proud papa moment, while I changed E's diaper Corynn very kindly complimented E's, er, size ('His p*ni$ looks just like Benjie's, but bigger.').

BBQ for mom, paci for E

Big sisters
Adelynn making her way into the photo
Hey, Adelynn, stop stealing my spotlight!
Now, this is ridiculous - Adelynn and Corynn??
Help, Mama, I think she wants to eat me.
Nobody here but us babies.
After lunch, we headed home to await the arrival of Gran and Grandpa and Katie and Mickey. We spent some time admiring Ethan then drove to the Waterway for dinner at La Lupita. The Waterway was rocking, thanks to a free Saturday evening concert, so after dinner we mingled with the locals and danced with the dancing fountains to such classics as Born in the USA and The Carol of the Bells (?!?).

Choxie found the best spot in the house

Chico soon took over -he was sorely disappointed when Katie didn't take him back to Kentucky with her.

I have found my soulmate.

erm - sorry we didn't put away the bottles (wine and baby) before y'all got here.

Tacos, ceviche, margaritas and beer at La Lupita

Dancing fountains

E dancing with Gran and Katie

A stop at Hubbell and Hudson to end the evening

We were so very delighted to catch up with Katie and Mickey after all this time! We should not wait 20 years next time!! We wish them a very happy and safe trip to Corpus Christi and San Antonio before they head back home. And if they want to stop by and pick up Chico...

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