Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin patch(es)

Hooray for cooler weather! We took advantage of the beautiful fall day to bundle E up and head to some local pumpkin patches.

First up was E's favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's, where he was the center of attention during the photo shoot.

Then off to an outdoor pumpkin patch hosted by a local Boy Scout troop. Oh, and he was pretty adorable in the car on the way...

Ok, now to the pumpkin patch.

posing the cutest little living doll around

the problem with living dolls is that they don't always stay posed
We attempted some creative 'baby in a pile of pumpkins' photos, but those didn't work so well.

'uh, mom, this is not so comfortable.'
i call this one 'dead baby in a pile of pumpkins.'
And then a boy scout offered to take a family photo for us. He naturally focused on the adorable part of our group... these are unedited...

And edited...

Then Joe had a brilliant idea - kneel!

 A couple of individual shots.

And off to pumpkin patch number 3!

Hey, kid, save all that cuteness for the pumpkin patch.
We may have been a little tired out by this time.

Happy fall, y'all!

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