Monday, November 5, 2012

A weekend with the cousins

We got to spend a wonderful weekend with 2 of Joe's sisters and their kids. Joss and her 3 boys flew in from Virginia on Saturday, met up with J9 and George and their son & daughter at Dewberry Farm, and then they went back to J9's house where we joined them for dinner.

Then on Sunday afternoon Joss brought her boys and Rachel over to our house for a swim and video games and more family time, while J9 had a church event.

It was a lovely weekend of family time, yummy chicken and s'mores, chilling in the 'hot tub' (literally chilling - the heater broke!) and in front of the television and several laptop computers (with 2 tweens in the house, there will always be at least one computer in use).

Joe loved being able to spend quality time with 2 beautiful sisters. We're so very blessed.


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