Monday, November 19, 2012

Woodlands Children's Festival

daddy teaching E about being a social butterfly
Thank you, Jess, for inviting us to the Woodlands Children's Festival last weekend!!!

Barney is coming!
Gran came up to spend the day with us and we had a lovely morning at the festival. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with Jess & Kev & Jack (the age difference is still pretty significant for a few more months at least - Ethan isn't as in to arts & crafts and digging and running as his older, more sophisticated cousin) but we were happy to catch up with them and with some of Jack's other friends during the very exciting Barney show. Apparently, I still have new-baby-blinders on, because when I just checked my photos I can't find any of the rest of the family, just of Ethan...

E and the Recycle Cycle
Fortunately, Auntie Jessica is a much better documentarian and took tons of awesome photos - check out the Jackson's Lane blog!

more of daddy teaching E about being a social butterfly
E had fun watching all the other kids at the festival and he even got his face painted.

Cool bear on a cool baby
After the festival, we had some very important gran-and-me time back at the house.

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