Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little sis is 2 months old!

Happy 1/6 to lovely miss Emily Hope!

This little lady is such a dream baby. She's an excellent sleeper who occasionally sleeps all through the night but even on 'bad nights' she wakes once, eats quickly, and falls asleep again without a fuss.

She definitely likes attention - about the only reason Em cries is that mama is playing with her iPad while holding her. All eyes must be directed at Emily!

She has the most piercing gaze and is very good at staring you down. When Ethan's in the room, she studies him constantly.

She's quite strong, holding her head up like a champ and kicking furiously on her play mat. I was impressed with how well she sat up and moved around for the 2-month photos this morning!

We've seen a few smiles, but she seems much more serious than her brother was at this age. And looking at his 2-month update, we were struck by how talkative he was. Em is much more quiet. E looks like his mama but has his papa's personality; Em looks more like her dad but acts like her mom.

Although there's not a ton of hair, what she has is dark and straight. She has big, dark blue eyes which may or may not stay that color. Her eyelashes are long and lovely.

She's not as interested in the pacifier as Ethan was - which is fortunate, since E is a proud binkie thief who will yank it out of her mouth when we're not looking.

Our cup runneth over.

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