Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We were having a lot of trouble getting E to sleep through the night after he moved down to his new bedroom a couple months ago. It was also almost impossible to give him a bath - he hated them. Cried, clung to us, was generally miserable. About 2 weeks ago we finally started a very fixed routine: around 8:30 he brushes his teeth, takes a bath, plays for about 20-30 minutes in his room, reads a book or 2 with mama, says prayers and goes to bed. For two weeks he has slept through the night almost every night. Occasionally he'll wake, need a hug, and falls asleep within 15 minutes or so. 

Tonight when I took him downstairs I asked him if he was ready for his bath. He walked into the bathroom, reached up for his toothbrushes (doesn't everyone brush with a toothbrush In each hand?), raised his arms for me to take off his shirt, and happily played in the bathtub for 10-15 minutes. Then when I put him in his crib he didn't cry for a moment, just lay down and fell asleep within a few minutes. I'm so proud of how much progress he's made. 

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