Saturday, October 26, 2013

Obligatory pumpkin patch post

We waited till late in a very long day to get pumpkin patch pics today, hence the tired mom and kids and the lack of dad pics. We're lucky we got one with both kiddos in the same frame at all!

E had a great time in the hour before these photos, running through the fair, collecting trash and giving it to his mom (he's quite fastidious), bouncing in a bounce house, and trying to destroy a random nursery room at the church where the fall festival was held that I commandeered in order to change Em's diaper and feed her. So he was rather worn out by the time his dad joined us and we headed to the pumpkins. 

We took some cute pics at Trader Joe's last week too. None of Em because she was a bit too floppy for their display and I couldn't climb in to prop her up...

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