Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Some cute E and Em -isms. 

Both kids ask Siri to open apps for them. From listening to us, E has learned that you need to greet Siri. So his exchange with Siri is generally:
E: Siri, open a-- Hi, Siri. Open angry birds. 
Siri: I'm sorry, I didn't get that. 
E: Hi, Siri. Open angry birds please. 
Siri: I'm sorry, what did you say?
Mom: Open angry birds. 

Siri doesn't understand Em either. They're so cute when they try though. 

Thanks to our nanny, they have and love abcmouse, which E always calls abcmouse dot com. He chats with the mouse avatar while he plays. 

E asked for a new backpack, which he really does need. He told me he would buy it and when I told him I could buy it he cried until I agreed to let him pay - he ran to his room and brought back the handfuls of change he has saved. $2.53, to be exact. When I asked what he wanted in his backpack, he replied, hesitantly, 'dolphins?' So now I am on the search for a dolphin backpack. 

We (Sherri) are weaning Em from the binky this weekend. I was showing Em a photo of Sherri's new grandbaby Brooke and told her she could give her binkies to Brookie. She hasn't stopped talking about it since - she met Brooke and gave yet the binkies today...

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