Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring break 2016 - day 2

Still in Houston for day 2, we took a very short drive to the zoo. We were delighted to discover that our darling cousins were there as well, and E and Em got to play with Sophie and Piper at the children's zoo. 

We love the zoo. Not infrequently, when I ask E what he dreamed about the night before, his answer is animals at the zoo. The kids' current favorites are the monkeys and the sea lions, and one of their favorite spots is the tunnel through the piranha tank. 

After the zoo, we headed back to the 'holiday house' and chilled, then walked over to the fountains on the corner and had a picnic of the weekend's leftovers. Then dad and the kids drove home to The Woodlands and I stayed overnight to complete my call weekend (which was very pleasant - answered a few phone calls but never needed to go in to the hospital). Monday morning, call weekend ended and the real spring break began!

Climbing the orangutan. 

Ethan and Sophie exchanging stories about their respective boo boos. Em did not at this moment have any boo boos. 

Carousel ride - all 4 cousins can be seen if you squint. For some reason E always chooses the bench. 

I love this close-up of Em admiring her cousin Piper. 

They don't always want to ride in the wagon. 

Piranha tank!

Sea lion!

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