Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring break 2016 - day 1

We started off spring break with a call weekend for mom, followed by a week of vacation for mom, E, and Em. Since I was on call for a hospital in the Med center, a friend graciously offered us her home for the weekend. We were close enough to walk to the hospital and also to walk to Rice U, the village, several local parks... so many opportunities for adventure! Plus, my friend has a bunny!! Toddler heaven! 

We took E and Em to mom's alma mater for the first time on a lovely Saturday morning, after brunch in the village. It was delightful to watch the kids running around Rice campus!

Climbing the vertigo-inducing spiral staircase to the rooftop parking was a highlight for the kids. 
E took this photo all on his own!
Em on the outer loop, after a colossal tantrum because E ran ahead of her. 
Maybe the first of many jogs on the outer loop?
Even the leaves are bigger in Texas. 
The kids really wanted photos with their leaves...
Dinner at Local Food then dessert at Sprinkles. Sprinkle cupcakes of course. 
A bite for daddy. 
Feeding a carrot to Bunny (aka Scarlet)
Em loved visiting Bunny. 

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