Monday, May 20, 2013

10 months!

Mr. E turns ten months old today (ok, I'm a little late again)!!! He's an amazing little guy who's changing before our eyes. After about a week of figuring out the crawling thing, he was flying across the floors. He pulls himself up on everything and has gotten pretty good at cruising and pivoting between the couch and the coffee table.

A couple of weeks ago, we were hanging out in our family room and letting him roam when I looked up to find him on the second step of the stairs. With me behind him, the guy climbed up the entire flight of stairs, laughing the whole time. It's now one of his favorite activities - stair-climbing and laughing - and one of our favorite activities as well.

He finally learned how to wave and clap. And when we put music on or he plays with some of his musical toys he bounces and waves both hands in the air - he's quite the dancer.

He started swim lessons last month and at his most recent lesson he flipped over and floated on his own. I am so very impressed with the swim instructors and their commitment to infant swim safety. I encourage all parents of 6-month-olds or older to check out this course or one like it. I hope he never has to use his skills but I know that what he's learning could save his life.

Still no true words, though there are lots and lots of 'dadadada's and rarer 'mamamama's. And whenever the television is on or one of us is on the phone he wants to be a part of the conversation, yelling and babbling as loudly as possible.

He's still drooling like it's going out of style. Just this week, one upper tooth has poked through and another is on its way, which will make a grand total of 4 teeth for the little guy. It's hard to tell whether teething is bringing on any fussiness or fever - we've had a few little illnessess but still his disposition is generally sunny.

I know I say it in every update, but this kid is simply the happiest child ever. He has a smile (with a dimple) for everyone, and he laughs constantly. He is just the light of our lives. We're so very blessed.

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