Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy birthday, Sophie!

Catching my breath while E takes a little nap. It's been a whirlwind last few weeks with no signs of stopping till 2031 or so (when baby #2 turns 18 and we kick her out of the house...). Mr Leaven is in Seattle this weekend. E and I planned to go with him but E was running a fever Thursday night and we decided it was best if we stayed home. He's been in great spirits this weekend, with a few moments of pathetic-ness and some unusual sleep patterns, so I'm glad we opted to stay back. Mr Leaven is having a wonderful time with the boys, if Instagram is any indication.

Last month we got to go to Wonderwild to celebrate cousin Sophie's third birthday! The kids had a blast running, jumping, sliding, and climbing. E wasn't yet pulling himself up on everything like he is today, but he got to crawl around the toy area and gnaw on quite a few balls and dinosaurs. His cousin Jack was there too, so we got a few moments of cousin bonding time. 9-month-olds are not that interesting to 3-year-old toddlers, but when chocolate cake is involved they can usually be motivated to sit and pose for a photo or two.

That slide was faster than expected! E isn't sure what to think!

Dinosaurs, Mom!

Cousin Jack and Uncle Kevin catching some air

Levi is one day younger than E and was teaching E a thing or 2 about pulling up and crawling (and sharing).

Love this photo of Aunt Jess with the birthday girl. And her dinosaur. 

Yum. Fruit salad.

Jack posing for the camera.

Sophie is probably looking for her dinosaur here.

I love that grin.

Sophie with her mom and dad

Cutie patootie.

Sophie and, you guessed it, a dinosaur.

You boys better keep your hands off T-Rex.

Double yum. Chocolate cake.

Uncle Kev with a baby boy who skipped his morning nap.

I love trying to take pictures of multiple kids together.

Happy birthday, Princess Sophie! We're so glad we got to share the day with you! I promise E will be more of a playmate one of these days!!!

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