Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoo with grandma

We've had such a busy last few months with no end in sight. A few weeks ago, while Mr Leaven was out of town, E and I took grandma to the zoo to show her the animals (ok, actually grandma first took me to the same zoo almost 40 years ago so she does know her way around a bit). 

We had a wonderful time looking at the sea lions and the monkeys and lots of exotic animals whose names I can't even begin to recall. Admittedly, he was more interested in the leaves he could pull off the plants next to the exhibits, but my mom and I had a great time finding the animals hiding in the corners of their cages. 

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E took his first carousel ride and was very excited to ride one of the up and down animals. Oh, and we tried out the little petting zoo, which E is going to love when he's walking on his own.

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