Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hard to believe that I'm actually a real mother of a real, live baby boy this year!

The Leaven family, my brother and his family, and our mom & dad met up at Ruggles Green today for a lovely Mother's Day lunch. Thanks to the foresight of my wonderful sis-in-law, Jessica, we got the last table available at a very busy restaurant. 

I'm really digging the kids' meal options at so many great restaurants. I got a salad for me and a burger/sweet potato fries/drink for $5 for the kiddo - and a 10-month-old doesn't eat much more than a few sweet potato fries, so I satisfied my burger craving and got the delicious salad to boot.

dude, that child's portion is incredible!

The huge lawn for the kids to play before/during/after the meal was ideal. Jack and E both loved playing on the lawn, and Joe had fun getting all the baby attention that he and E always draw.

the place was hopping!

getting these 2 boys in a photo together is not the easiest thing ever.

my boys! so handsome!!

Auntie Jessica, what big eyes you have.

What big teeth you have, Auntie Jessica!

Yay! Fries!!!

Three hot mamas. No, we didn't coordinate the outfits beforehand!

Kisses from my little guy

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

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