Friday, March 7, 2014

Auntie Dy visited!

Last month, we were so honored to spend the weekend with the glamorous and kindhearted Dyanelle (lady Dy; Darnell; D-elly). Despite the fact that her life is filled with Beverly Hills, fabulous parties, beautiful people, and LA events, she slowed down for a few days and hung out with the parents of a toddler and an infant in suburban Houston. And we loved it.

We took her to all the happening Woodlands locations (uh, the Waterway and Fielding's) and then decided that Austin is just a whole lot cooler so we day-tripped up on Sunday.

We had a delightful day, brunching on South Congress, stopping by a dog park on Town Lake, crashing our friend Courtney's dinner party.

And on Monday, we gave Dy a taste of real Texas at Old Town Spring, where unfortunately almost everything was closed even though it was a holiday! We did some window-shopping, peered into the windows of the semi-famous Doll Hospital, let one of the few store-owners with an open shop coo over beautiful Emily, and took some photos in the caboose restaurant (oops, I guess those photos are on Joe's phone - will have to add later). Sadly, the deep-fried Oreo stand was closed; obviously, Dy must return on a busier weekend.

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