Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cheering on the marathoners

 It was our second annual watch-the-marathoners excursion on March 1! The family walked from our house down to Kuykendahl, around the 18-mile mark. The grueling 1/2-mile stroll from our home was tough enough for us - we stood in awe of the crazy and wonderful runners (Mr Leaven has run marathons before, Mrs Leaven did a 5K in college once...).

Yay! Runners!

My favorite part of family walks these days - E reaches for my hand!!!!! And look at that happy little girl!

After the exhaustion of the marathon, we walked over to Dosey Doe for a carb load. Boy, watching runners makes us hungry!

Better y'all than us, say Em and her mama! We'll stick to our Pilates and tummy time.

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