Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day One recap

Actually, Day 1 1/2. We told E earlier this week that we were taking the diaper off on Saturday. Friday evening when I came home from work, I mentioned it to him and he immediately began pulling off his clothes. He was soon stark naked, so I felt that was a good sign it was time to begin.

News flash: potty training is hard. I'm exhausted. So is E - he went to sleep almost an hour earlier than usual (which works out quite well, since we lose an hour to Daylight Savings tonight). It's hard and it's frustrating and it's a huge strain. BUT E did so very well. Spending an uninterrupted day with him, without TV, without iPad, without clothing (for him at least) was such an excellent experience. I learned his pee habits - every hour or so, he has 4-5 little pees followed by 1 gusher. By later in the day, he was consolidating his pees more, so if I could get him to the potty by the second pee he would let loose and have nothing left. I also learned how much he loves cars, particularly driving them on my head. He also loves pushing my hair in front of my face, reading the same book five thousand times in a row (and there were 4 or 5 of these books - I'm a bit hoarse), walking in circles around the hot tub, and pouring cold pool water over his legs while outside naked in 60-degree weather.

We explored the backyard, where we studied a worm, some ants (watch out - they bite!), and several doodle bugs. We played follow the leader around the couch, cuddled a lot, and did a lot of peeing on the floor. He's getting it, though, In terms of the guide we're using, he's gone from Clueless to I peed (still has I'm peeing and I have to pee to go). I only wanted to give up maybe 50 times. I didn't give up yet (though I do have a healthy dread of tomorrow). Tomorrow we're keeping him naked again. Good news is, he loves being naked.

Oh, and he poo'd in the potty. Which was amazing. If you're into that sort of thing. It turns out I now am. 

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