Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Orleans

So, we just got back from a quick trip to New Orleans and I want to post about it while it's still fresh in my mind... said me 5 months ago when I was still on maternity leave and actually had time to do these things but still didn't...

Here are some photos from the trip. They'll probably remind me of fun things that happened, and then I can talk about it a little.

Heading out! Em's first road trip. Obviously this is old hat for E.
Pit stop at the only open restaurant we could find. The best part of Waffle House was all the snuggle time since I was doing everything in my power to keep E from touching ANYTHING that didn't share his DNA.
A pigeon in Jackson Square! Something else E is not allowed to touch!

First glimpse of Café du Monde

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Beignets and a binky.

Kids were sacked out so E missed his beignet initiation. Not to worry, we returned 2 days later.

Two hotties in front of Jackson Square. One of them inexplicably has sprouted a tiny flag.

Apparently pointing is a family trait, right, uncle Kev? Behind my boys is the mighty Mississippi, even though it looks like a German strip mall.

Window-touring the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum
Both guys getting their drink on at Acme Oyster House.
Good eats
Not a lot of newborns at Acme but they were very obliging. We asked everyone to keep their voices down because the baby was asleep. They all sat quietly for about 30 minutes while we enjoyed our oysters.

Turns out there are not a lot of newborns or toddlers on Bourbon Street either. We asked everyone to keep their voices down because our kids were tired. They all stood quietly for about 45 minutes while we strolled around then headed back to the hotel on night one.
Bourbon Street baby-wearing!
Seriously, tourists? Do you have to keep having fun and keeping me awake? I'm kidding, of course - we loved all the [non-Mardi Gras] craziness of the French quarter at night and the kids were worn out and slept pretty darn well.
Wore out.

Ooh, day 2 we went to the Aquarium! We got there early and wandered around on the patio for about 30 minutes before they opened. That's the mighty Mississippi behind us, even though it looks like a parking lot. I'm an amazing photographer.

E was fascinated by the fish tunnel at the entrance. He circled it maybe 25 times before finally allowing us to head up the escalator to the rest of the exhibits.


You could climb up a flight of stairs to a pathway through the trees and parrots. This was during E's stair-climbing phase, so we spent a lot of time going up and down the stairs. He was climbing on his hands and knees, and you know what? Pathways through trees and parrots are fairly covered with seeds and bird droppings, so fun!



Otter feeding!

Back in Jackson Square

Out of chronological order but we're in Jackson Square again, taking in the local color.
After walking and walking and walking and walking, we finally stopped for dinner at a really yummy spot named Stanley on the corner of Jackson Square. Both kids passed out while we were there, so we chilled and enjoyed our eggs Benedict.

Cheers! Coffee and milk the morning of day 3 at The Ruby Slipper Café.

Bloody mary for me, vegetable garnish for E. Win-win!

We spent the morning at the New Orleans city park, where there's lots of outdoor space and an ancient kids' park called Storyland. There are bridges, statues, boats, slides, and much more each with a different storybook theme. This was Captain Hook's boat.

An accordion-playing alligator. Wearing denim shorts. ???

A fire-breathing dragon slide

Somewhere, in some family album, there is a photo of 12-year-old me with this lovely bronze. One day I'll find it and scan it and it'll be just wonderful.
E, meet beignets.

Hello, beignets.

Happy kid. Yeah, he likes beignets.

After lots of good food, a million miles of walking, and general levity, we took the leisurely way back home. So many pit stops. This was a park in Lafayette we found via Google search. I didn't take any photos of our other Lafayette pit stop but it involved to-go shrimp po-boys. Old Tyme Grocery. Nom nom.

Napping in the sun in the park

Fun crazy X-Wave 2 thingamajig at the park


Haha! My favorite pit stop. A campground off I-10 where I could feed Em while E wandered around a playground and campsites and a lot of trailer homes. It was actually a lovely stop.

Mr Leaven and I were pretty worn out, so we asked E to drive the rest of the way. He cheated by using cruise control.

This trip was a really lovely cap to 2 1/2 months of maternity leave. It was Mr Leaven's first time in the Big Easy (indeed, his first time in Louisiana) and I think he enjoyed himself. He was a little astonished by the decadence of Bourbon Street by night and the concomitant dirtiness by day, but overall he was pleasantly surprised by all that N'Awlins had to offer. And for me it was quite a hit of nostalgia, since my first visit was as a child (though a bit older than our 2 littles). I look forward to more road trips to New Orleans as the kids grow up. Laissez les bons temps rouler!





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