Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seven months old!

Happy 7 month birthday, Emily Hope!

You are such a lovely and sweet-natured little lady.

You bring such joy to our days. There is nothing quite like giving you a kiss on your tummy and hearing that giggle, over and over and over again.

You are quite the serious little one, which makes it that much better when we do earn a smile or a laugh from you.

Your determination to get moving is extraordinary. Right now, you're able to push yourself backwards across the room but haven't quite figured out forwards. Keep fighting, girl - you'll be there soon!

You've mastered sitting up on your own and love to reach for toys or beads or mama's hair with those free hands.

You now have 5 teeth, 3 up top and 2 on bottom, and it looks like more are on their way. Still not a lot of hair though. Your hair looks like it's dark (once in a blue moon we can almost detect some red tinges but I'm not holding out hope) and your eyes are blue-grey, with a bit of hazel near the iris.

You're an excellent eater and will try just about anything. We've had a few episodes of red-faced coughing and spitting up, which we're not sure if is due to eating solids or to the lingering respiratory thing you've been dealing with for weeks now. We think (but I hope we're wrong) that you may have allergies already...

You're fascinated by your big brother and follow him with your gaze whenever he's near. E checks on you when he hears you cry and brings you binkies to calm you. He sometimes drops food in front of you as well (huge acts of sacrifice from this guy). I so hope for y'all that your bond never weakens.

We love you, sweet serious Emmy!

:) mom and dad and E

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